About the Show

It’s been a long time since Haste and something had to come along and take its place. So, we’ve finally gotten around to making that happen! Pixels & Polyhedrals consists of DreadGazeeboSumquiNosferatu, and occasionally the lovely DreadPixie.

The podcast is going to again focus primarily on tabletop gaming, but we’ll also cover video games and streaming culture because we’re all involved in a lot of that too. Our object is to keep each episode under 45 minutes, cover 2-3 interesting topics within the gaming space, and take some questions from our audience. We’ll occasionally have on special guests from the industry to talk about their games and generally get their thoughts on recent topics. In the future, we may live stream some bonus content too. For now though, we’re going to start small.

In addition to the podcast, we’d like to actually offer some content for your games as well. Each Sunday you’ll see something we created for you to put to use in your tabletop games. Monsters, ideas, plot hooks, random tables, etc.