Ep5. Asshole Players, Convention Logistic Woes, Theater of the Mind vs Maps & Minis

We’re back this week with a bit of a new format, and guest host – DreadPixie who sat in for Jon this episode. We hope you enjoy!

Announcements / Fun Bits from the Internet

Playing the Wrong Character

Sure some people are new and don’t know any better, but others…not so much? What makes people play clerics who don’t heal and bards who try to be rogues? We discuss!

Origins Woes & Other Convention Frustration

The famous game fair in Columbus Ohio opened its digital doors for ticketed games last week and was met with a bevvy of technical issues. Why are cons always so tough to get scheduled?

Theater of the Mind vs Maps/Minis

Which do we all prefer and why? When is it better to use one over the other? You’ll have to listen to find out!