Schwalby’s Fantastic Flesh Pouches

We all know that only the greatest spell casters have spells named after them. In this case, in honor of Rob Schwalb and our interview with him last week, we’ve gone and created not a spell, but a procedure! One a Shadow of the Demon Lord character might have performed on themselves, directly inspired by our conversation during the show. Enjoy! Continue reading “Schwalby’s Fantastic Flesh Pouches”

About the Show

It’s been a long time since Haste and something had to come along and take its place. So, we’ve finally gotten around to making that happen! Pixels & Polyhedrals consists of DreadGazeeboSumquiNosferatu, and occasionally the lovely DreadPixie.

The podcast is going to again focus primarily on tabletop gaming, but we’ll also cover video games Continue reading “About the Show”