Ep1. Board Games with Apps, Mobile Gaming, and Nintendo Switch.

Last Episode’s Question

Last time we asked “what is the most cliche RPG enemy” and the answer by a large margin was Goblins, hands down. We discuss.

Board Games With Companion Apps (3:10)

Are board games that require a mobile/electronic app a threat to the game’s longjevity? Do they add or take a way from the gaming experience? We all weigh in, but where do you stand?

Mobile Gaming, Ehhhh? (16:25)

Mobile gaming, will it ever be a “real” gaming platform or will all of its titles be relegated to time wasters and vanilla experiences, or will it ever evolve?

Nintendo Switch is on the Way (23:27)

The Switch is on its way, but is it ready for launch? Core aspects of the system seem to be an afterthought and require a mobile app. Speaking of apps, does Nintendo have a killer one here without having any exclusive launch titles? Our inner nostalgia/fanboy-ism wrestles with reality.

Question for Next Time

What is your favorite digital version (or hybrid) of a tabletop game?