Ep2. Guest Host Rob Schwalb! Freeport Companion, Monster Species, Filler Combat & More!


We’re pleased to have special guest and game designer Rob Schwalb of Schwalb Entertainment on to talk about his latest Kickstarter – The Freeport Companion for Shadow of the Demon Lord! We talk about what’s coming and also pick Rob’s twisted brain about numerous other topics. Enjoy the show, and a new item for your game – Schwalby’s Fantastic Flesh Pouches!

Freeport Companion Kickstarter (1:00)

We talk to Rob about the Freeport setting and how it’s more than just “pirates”. We also talk new mechanics, design process, and learn about some gnarly monsters. We get the scoop on upcoming adventures and products for Shadow of the Demon Lord both inside and outside of the Freeport Kickstarter.

  • 6:18 – Undine & Valossan Ancestries
  • 7:02 – Monster Hunter Path
  • 7:10 – New Nautical-themed spells
  • 7:27 – 75 New NPC’s w/Statblocks and +20 Cultists/Assassins/etc
  • 13:00 – Naval Rules
  • 13:30 – War Codex, likely 2018 release – Realm Management, Armies & Mass Combat rules.
  • 14:40 – New Monsters
  • 18:10 – Demon Lord’s Companion 2 details
  • 18:42 –  Sylph ancestry & also looking at possibility of a Lich ancestry
  • 19:20 – Book of Occult Philosophy

Individual Monsters vs. Monster Species (19:59)

We discuss the tone and effect it has on a setting when you’re face with something like “the Medusa” versus medusas/gorgons as a more common and sometimes playable race. What implications does this have, and where does it work best?

Filler Combat in RPGs (30:38)

Making encounters impactful is an arguably important aspect of design, but how much is too much? What can you do in an adventure to keep it interesting/fun for the players without just tossing more monsters or red herrings in?

Question for our Listeners:  Your favorite iconic / legendary creature, one you could base a campaign around?