Episode 7. Hascon and D&D Beyond, Endless Selfie Opportunities.

We’re back! This week we poke around at Hascon and D&D Beyond, along with some other cool and noteworthy projects we’ve found.

Announcements / Fun Bits from the Internet

Hascon. What Even Is This?

A place for endless selfie opportunities! Bronies, bros, and all other sorts of mass-apeal can be found at the first ever Hascon this year. With a lineup that includes Chewbacca Mom, Flo-Rida, and the VP of Global Brand Strategy as presenters, what’s not to like? We delve into what in the actual fuck is going on. (Spoiler: We still don’t know)

D&D Beyond Pricing

A little while ago, but not so long ago that it’s not still worth talking about – DnDBeyond pricing was announced. $3/month for players, or $6/mo for GMs and their groups. Pricing seems fair, but we discuss the product as a whole. Is it for you?

Round Table

What game are you looking forward to most? We all answer the question, and you should too! Be sure to catch Jon playing some Castlevania if you get the chance!

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