Ep3. Open World Games, Quest Overload, and Digital Pants Simulators.

We’re back this week with a pretty video game centric episode for you guys. Hope you enjoy!

Side Quests vs Main Story (0:25)

At what point do too many side quests cause a player to lose interest of the main story? So many things to keep track of, despite even the best quest-tracking means can become frustrating. What’s the right balance?

Breath of the Wild (13:05)

Is the change of format in the latest entry in the Legend of Zelda saga too much of a departure from it’s predecessors? It launched alongside several other open world games, can it compete?

Action RPGs, WHY? (23:10)

Pants simulators, why do we love them? Why do we keep playing them? The Skinner-box psychology behind these games and how they are evolving is interesting, but where else can they go?