Ep6. Page Count and Purchasability & The Evolution of Tabletop Media

We’re back! This week we dig down deep into two aspects of our beloved tabletop RPG community. Settle in, we’re going to want your feedback on this one!

Announcements / Fun Bits from the Internet

Judging A Book by its Pagecount

All over DriveThruRPG, we comments like “X pages for Y dollars?! No thanks.” Is there some golden rule about cents per page we missed out on?

The Evolution of Tabletop Gaming Media

Are bloggers dead? D&D’s Stream of Annihilation has been shoved into our feeds hundreds of times recently, which brought about some good discussion on twitter. We try and defragment some of it.

2 thoughts on “Ep6. Page Count and Purchasability & The Evolution of Tabletop Media”

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more about the pagecount/cost commentary. Cost should be a reflection of utility, art, and inspirational material. If the RPG material inspires two months of play, then I say it’s paid for its keep. Vornheim is not huge, and yet I’ve drawn tons from it, and it was ~$20 when I picked it up. If I applied that stupid metric, I’d have never purchased it.

  2. For your question: we’re playing SeaFall, which is a legacy board game, and it’s been pretty awesome. I like the persistent nature of the consequences and modifications to the playspace. For video games, I’m less sold. I think it depends on what the Day 1 DLC is providing, and then you wonder why it wasn’t rolled into the game to begin with, but I’m not playing as many video games, so it’s less of an issue for me. A lot of the time, I think of DLC like adventures for a tabletop game. I don’t expect D&D to come with all the adventures when I buy it, but maybe one.