Ep1. Board Games with Apps, Mobile Gaming, and Nintendo Switch.

Last Episode’s Question

Last time we asked “what is the most cliche RPG enemy” and the answer by a large margin was Goblins, hands down. We discuss.

Board Games With Companion Apps (3:10)

Are board games that require a mobile/electronic app a threat to the game’s longjevity? Do they add or take a way from the gaming experience? We all weigh in, but where do you stand? Continue reading “Ep1. Board Games with Apps, Mobile Gaming, and Nintendo Switch.”

Episode 0 – Setting Books, Combat Momentum, & Conan!

Setting Presentation & New GMs

Do you like your game settings dosed out in huge one-lump sum of pages, or as smaller one-off’s that detail one adventure or locale of the game at a time? As a newcomer to the hobby, what is there to make of all this? Continue reading “Episode 0 – Setting Books, Combat Momentum, & Conan!”

About the Show

It’s been a long time since Haste and something had to come along and take its place. So, we’ve finally gotten around to making that happen! Pixels & Polyhedrals consists of DreadGazeeboSumquiNosferatu, and occasionally the lovely DreadPixie.

The podcast is going to again focus primarily on tabletop gaming, but we’ll also cover video games Continue reading “About the Show”