Episode 0 – Setting Books, Combat Momentum, & Conan!

Setting Presentation & New GMs

Do you like your game settings dosed out in huge one-lump sum of pages, or as smaller one-off’s that detail one adventure or locale of the game at a time? As a newcomer to the hobby, what is there to make of all this?

Keeping Momentum in Combat

We discuss additional mechanics to help combat feel more worthwhile for those times when players are too far down on their luck. We also discuss other gaming systems that have seemed to circumvent these issues with built in mechanics and/or design choices.

By Crom, Conan Exiles is Almost Here!

We’re pretty pumped about the upcoming survival/crafting PC game set in Hyborea. What will Funcom do differently that hundreds of other Early Access survival titles on Steam haven’t done? We talk about some of Conan’s key selling points and potential pitfalls.

Question for Our Audience

What is the most cliche enemy type in RPGs?

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