Ep4. Crafting Systems, Tales of the Yawning Portal, and Current Games

We’re back this week with a minor glitch, Jerry is an idiot who recorded his track with his webcam mic so…his sound quality is sub-par. This is the last episode of the current format, in Episode 5 you’ll see we’re changing things up a little. Anyway, enjoy the show, despite the sound quality!

Crafting Systems in Games, Why? (0:25)

When do they work, when don’t they, and when do they just feel tacked on for the sake of having one? What about crafting in tabletop games? We discuss it all.

Tales from the Yawning Portal, Who Is it For? (22:35)

Wizard’s latest release is doing pretty well for itself, but who is buying it? Who is it aimed at? We deliberate.

What We’ve Been Playing (36:00)

A small segment to discuss what we’ve been up to, a little more free form. We talk about the Witcher Author being out of his mind (39m), among other things!